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Small Group Training


Calisthenics aims to increase strength, flexibility and joint mobility under stress, the production and tolerance to lactic acid and short-term specific resistance, the functional capacity to exert force and improve general physical fitness (composition body and performance), through movements such as pulling, pushing, bending, jumping and swinging, using one's own weight as the only resistance.





Pancafit® is the only  capable of rebalancing the posture simply and in a very short time, working on the entirety of the chains. It is able to restore freedom and well-being to the whole body by acting on muscle tension and stiffness.

"Global decompensated muscle stretching" is performed in correct posture and without allowing "compensations", i.e. those pain-relieving mechanisms that the body implements to escape tension and pain. Furthermore, this stretching uses breathing techniques to unblock the diaphragm.

Small groups



Professional Trainers

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