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Stefania Boniotto

Specialist in functional and postural training.

With thePancafit® Stefania rebalances the posture, easing tension and pain. muscle - joints and restoring correct breathing.

With Pilaltes it strengthens the deep muscles (core) through postural toning, relieving back pain.

Through functional training, improve your body composition based on your goals (weight loss, toning, strength).



  • Degree in Exercise and Sport Sciences

  • Master Personal Trainer ELAV

  • Master Functional Training School

  • STOTT certified Pilates instructor

  • Pancafit Raggi® method therapist

  • Certified Kinesio Taping operator

  • TRX® Trainers

  • Corrective Exercise Trainer®

  • Antalgic Myofascial Techniques Certification

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