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Legal disclaimer
Gymtonic publishes news and practical cases on its website, which are of a general and purely informative nature. They do not have consultancy value, which is why their correctness and/or completeness is not guaranteed. They do not represent any offer to the public and do not bind Gymtonic for any reason. To obtain advice or information regarding your particular needs, Gymtonic invites you to request a specific opinion, to which the company's general conditions will apply. Gymtonic also assumes no responsibility for the existence and content of third-party sites, to which the Gymtonic site refers via a hyperlink. Trademarks, copyrights and any other intangible right appearing on third-party sites are the exclusive property of their respective owners.

Gymtonic owns all information or intangible rights published on its site, unless explicitly indicated otherwise. Gymtonic allows the use, reproduction and distribution of the information contained on its site for non-commercial purposes, provided that the following reproduction notice is explicitly indicated:

copyright © 2020, Gymtonic
If the reproduction contains third-party information, a reference to the third-party owner of the relevant intangible right must also be included. The use of images published on this site is subject to the payment of royalties to the authors.

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